front easy accessNO MORE trouble taking apart the frame

   display picture disc or LPthanks to the detachable record post

   fits all albums each frame holds single or double albums

   show off double LPsimply place 2 frames side by side

   decorativearrange frames any way to show your creativity

   simple installation screws included with each frame


What others are saying

I really enjoy the album art of my vinyl but didn’t want to put it up on my wall with a pin causing the cover to be damaged. That’s why I really love your idea!
~Natalie, customer
RecordWall-it allows you to simply display your album art while still being able to quickly access your records.
~Record Collector News
My order just came in. It’s the best! Never thought I could change up my albums that quickly and without any fuss.
~Craig, customer
RecordWall-it: Inexpensive record display wall unit that works!
~Michael Fremer, Analog Planet